About us...

The Story of Good Old Curry Times.

People love curry. The aromatic, sizzling Singaporean curry. Or the rich, tangy Indian hot broths. Or the zesty, bisque-like Japanese sweetness.

So we figured. Who better to spread the love of curry than Old Chang Kee, the pioneer and master of Singapore's most iconic curry puff? Who better to lead our people into the taste heaven of the world of curry than us, the rightful authority in all-things curry?

And so we returned to our kitchens, with nothing more in mind than to serve the nation with the best curries you can ever find.

So we started it all again, beginning with the things that made our curry puff so good in the first place.

The ingredients, masterful preparation, and above all else, the passion and the tradition that had given birth to Singapore's favourite recipe.

And with that, we placed our heart and soul into this noble endeavour. We know that deep down, in all our hearts, we yearn for the day when someone would bring us the perfect taste of Asia's most popular dish.

And when we set the final bowl of curry down and tasted all of them, we celebrated. Because we know we have done it. Because we know, this would be a victory for Singapore, and very soon, the rest of the world.

And so it shall begin. A golden age of curry. Stories will be written, names will be remembered, and eager taste buds will be satisfied.
Revive your memories of the good old days