It started with a puff...

Established in 1956 along Mackenzie Road near the Rex Cinema, Old Chang Kee's humble beginnings are synonymous with the fond memories of Singaporeans, young and old, taking mouthfuls of curry that burst with flavourful enjoyment every bite, complemented with the crispy goodness of fragrant, freshly fried pastry.

Known affectionately as 'Rex curry puffs', people travelled from every corner of Singapore to get a taste of the perfect snack. Every curry puff was made with painstakingly prepared ingredients; succulent curried potatoes, bite-sized chicken nibblets, slices of boiled egg, mixed into a perfect combination of herbs and curry spices, creating the flawless flavour and texture that Singaporeans have came to love over the past five decades.

Today, with modernised standards, processes and recipes improved over the years by vigorous studies of curry and spices, the Curry'O has led Old Chang Kee to heights never before thought possible.

Revive your memories of the good old days

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